Data Sources

Here’s a list of various sources that I’ve retrieved data from through the years.


  1. Strava Metro
  2. Google Air Quality
  3. Mapzen – OSM Products
  4. Uber Movement


  1. US Federal Open Data
  2. US Census
  3. US Dept of Interior 
  4. US Bureau of Transportation Statistics
  5. Washington DC Data
  6. San Francisco Data
  7. UK Office for National Statistics
  8. UK Road Saftey Data
  9. Edinburgh Open Data Portal
  10. Glasgow Open Data Portal
  11. NYS Orthophotography


  1. Urban Big Data Center
  2. Open Street Map 
  3. Open Street Map Overpass Tool
  4. Reddit – Open Data 
  5. Airbnb
  6. Zillow
  7. List of Bike Share Data
  8. Public Geodata for the UK
  9. Ordnance Open Data UK

R Packages

  1. Twitter Data
  2. Local Weather Data
  3. USGS and EPA water quality and hydrology data