Daniel Patterson is a transportation planner/engineer (soon to be in San Francisco) who graduated from the Universtiy of Glasgow with an MS in Urban Transport with a 1st (4.0 GPA) in November 2017. This program focused on transportation and its relationship to various aspects of city planning, as well as specialized software such as GIS and statistical modeling packages. He benefited from the program’s proximity to the University’s Urban Big Data Center which allowed him to utilize various types of transportation data from government, private, and open sources. His work focused on active transportation, data analytics, and statistical modeling of transport systems.

He earned a BA in Political Science from the State University of New York at Albany in 2011. There, he researched active transportation, bike master planning, and US federal transportation legislation.

His professional experience includes various roles with non-governmental institutions in New York, Scotland, and Kenya. He has also worked for Ove Arup & Partners as a transport consultant.

Research and Professional Interests

  1. Modeling and evaluation of transport systems
  2. Data analyses and theoretical traffic modeling
  3. Predicting flow of active transport
  4. Spatial difference in factors of urban mobility
  5. Quantifying public sentiment using social media
  6. Surface transportation legislation
  7. Pedestrian and bicycle safety
  8. Transportation sustainability

For a copy of Daniel’s resume, please use the contact link.